At TADIM, “Food Safety” is a top priority and our food safety program is audited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey on a regular basis. TADIM is committed to setting the standard for the safest and highest quality fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products in Turkey. TADIM has an excellent food safety record system and takes extensive quality control measures in each step of our QC operation to ensure the freshest and safest salad products possible. Here are some of our key points:


  • Comprehensive, documented HACCP systems followed in TADIM Facility
  • Hazard analyses conducted identifying all critical control points (CCPs)
  • Continual monitoring of wash water chlorine & pH concentration
  • Citric acid added to syrup solution to ensure pH below 4.0 for food safety
  • Regular verification and validation activities conducted by our QC Laboratory staff.
  • HACCP systems verified annually by independent 3rd party accredited organization DNV.


  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) strictly followed in TADIM.
  • State-of-the-art production facility designed specifically for ensuring fresh-cut fruit safety and maximum salad quality
  • Production flow minimizes cross-contamination risks
  • Temperature controlled processing, packaging and storage rooms
  • Extensive employee hygiene and food safety training
  • Effective pest control and preventative maintenance programs
  • Traceability and Recall procedures in place
  • Effective internal self-audit programs
  • GMP and food safety audits annually by independent 3rd party accredited organization.

Quality Control

  • In house experienced Quality Control Staff,
  • Constant monitoring activities performed on raw material, processing, employee hygiene, sanitation and finished product
  • Samples retained from all lots of production to ensure quality during the guaranteed Shelf-Life period
  • Regular microbial testing of finished salad products
  • Comprehensive quality system documentation of pre-requisite programs and HACCP system requirements
  • Product quality attributes measuring program
  • Quality Assurance department focused on food safety and quality
  • Ongoing R&D activities for new technologies, new salad combinations and incorporation of scientific advancements in our business



  • High Standart
  • Clean
  • 4 ºC Cutting
  • Storage -20ºC